Atkinson and Associates - Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery - Surgical procedures of the mouth, teeth and jaws

Oral Surgery involves surgical procedures of the structures of the mouth, jaws and peri-oral region. Someone who has carried out specialist training in this field is called an Oral Surgeon. The most common procedure carried out by Oral Surgeon is removal of infected or impacted teeth such as wisdom teeth. Their skillset extends to patients who require investigation of soft and hard tissue pathologies of the mouth and jaws (e.g. lumps, bumps, cysts, tumours, growths) which may require biopsy or further management.

Oral Surgeons assist general dental practitioners (GDPs) and other dental specialists (e,g, prosthodontists, orthodontists, endodontists) for comprehensive treatment plans including pre-prosthetic surgery, surgical orthodontics and surgical endodontics. Being surgically trained, their scope of practice focuses on the placement of dental implants with the associated procedures of bone grafting or sinus lifts.

Oral Surgeons are also trained to help diagnose and mange patients with chronic pain disorders of the oro-facial region such as temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction, headaches/migraines or neuropathic pain. Finally, Oral Surgeons manage dental trauma emergencies. 

All dental practitioners enhance their skills with continued professional development courses and many may carry out oral surgery procedures themselves. However,  a referral to a Specialist Oral Surgeon may be advised if the treatment required is outside the clinician's own scope of practice or experience level. Oral Surgeons have undergone extensive and rigorous accredited post-graduate training in this field and will be able to provide you with specialist care. Dr Atkinson will liaise with your referring practitioner to ensure you are looked after throughout the whole treatment process and into the future.

Scope of Practice

Surgical removal of infected or impacted teeth

Dental implants (titanium) and associated procedures including bone grafting and sinus lifts.

Pathology of the jaws and soft tissues of the mouth requiring biopsy or further management - lesions, growths, ulcers, white/red patches, cysts, tumours.

Management of medically-compromised patients who require surgery in the mouth

Management of medication-related or osteo-radio necrosis of the jaws

Repair of oro-antral communications from previous dental extractions

Emergency dental trauma
Oro-facial pain including Temporo-mandibular Joint Dysfunction and other chronic pain disorders working alongside other medical physicians and allied health professionals in a multi-disciplinary team approach.

Surgery to assist your Orthodontic treatment plan including:

Surgery to assist the wearing of dentures or before crown placement including:
  • Tori or bony exostoses reduction
  • Removal of hyper-plastic tissue or fibrous tuberosities
  • Crown lengthening

Surgery to assist endodontic therapy including apicectomy

Adjunctive Therapies

^Dr Atkinson works with registered Dental Sedationists and Specialist Medical Anaesthetists to provide intravenous (IV) sedation within his rooms under strict safety guidelines in compliance with ANZCA PS09, or general anaesthetic at accredited private hospitals around Sydney.