Atkinson and Associates - Oral Surgery

Dr Mark Daniel Atkinson - Dental Surgeon - BDSc, GDipClinDent (Surg Dent)

Dr Mark Daniel Atkinson is an Australian registered dentist who has limited his practice to surgical dentistry procedures

Mark was born and raised in Brisbane, and graduated from the University of Queensland dental school in 2011. He received a scholarship with the Royal Australian Air Force during his studies. Upon graduation, he was posted to Sydney.  He served in the RAAF as a Flight Lieutenant until 2017 when he transitioned to the Specialist Reserves.

Mark completed further post-graduate studies in surgical dentistry in 2015 and he is currently completing the final year of his clinical doctorate in the field of oral surgery through the University of Sydney. Mark has a passion for teaching and is an active lecturer, examiner and clinical supervisor with the USYD faculty within the discipline of oral surgery.

Mark has a love for travel, hiking, diving and photography. He has worked abroad with NGOs in South Africa, Cambodia, Guatemala and Honduras.

Mark looks forward to interacting with you during your surgical experience from consultation through to recovery. He is always honest with his patients, understands that surgery should be minimally disruptive to his patients' busy lives, and follows ethical and evidence-based treatment protocols.